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About me

Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha, the director of Transformations Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, seeks to develop a collaborative therapy relationship with each patient that not only improves their sense of wellbeing but also advances their goals for realizing their full potential. His offerings consist of:

  • Age-related psychiatry
  • Psychiatry for adults (for patients 18 and older)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychopharmacology (medication management)
  • Psychological assessment

Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha, MD, MA, treats a variety of ailments and gives patients who are dealing with:

  • Anxiety conditions
  • disorders connected to bipolar
  • Depressive illnesses
  • Disorder of compulsive behavior
  • disorders on the schizophrenia spectrum
  • Diseases influenced by trauma and stress
  • sleep problems

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